August 10, 2021 Montgomery, AL Gunter Hill CG, Day 4

I was the first one up today! That was unusual. I did some work on the computer before Bob got up and then we had breakfast. Bob set up the DVD player to play on the TV outside, so I could do my walking aerobics DVD. I haven’t been too good about formally exercising on this trip, but with all the walking and sightseeing we’ve done everywhere we’ve gone, I have gotten some exercise. I wanted to get out there and do it early before it got too hot. It was actually pretty comfortable and the best part was that there was no one around to see me…except Bob.

After I was done, Bob spent some time outside polishing the wheels on the bus. He likes his vehicles clean and shiny. He sat by each wheel with a fan, listening to some tunes in the shade, and came in for a break when he got too hot. He was able to get 3 done while they were still in the shade. He’ll finish the last one tomorrow. We watched a movie in the afternoon and spent a lot of time talking about our plan of action for what we’ll do if Hurricane Fred decides to come our way. We leave Alabama on Thursday and have reservations at 2 different campgrounds in the Panhandle of Florida from Thursday-Tuesday. Those plans will have to change if the storm heads for the Panhandle. We discussed our options and have a temporary plan in mind, but we’ll wait a day or two to see where the storm decides to go. This happened to us last August when we were in Panama City Beach. We left there a day early because a hurricane was coming to the Tampa area and we wanted to get home. We can’t believe this is happening again. We are supposed to be camping in Panama City Beach on Thursday and Friday. We must be a jinx or something!

We checked the ant baits and they were doing their job. There were a few diehards left, but most of them were gone. We had dinner with the threat of storms looming around Montgomery. We could hear the rumbles of thunder during dinner. I took Auggie out for his walk right after dinner so we wouldn’t have to deal with the rain and Bob did the dishes while I was gone. What a guy! The storms missed us so we never got any rain. Tomorrow is our last day here. This has been the most relaxing part of our vacation, with nowhere to go and nothing to see…just hanging out. It has been wonderful!

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