August 10, 2018 Fish Creek to Brookfield, WI

We readied the camper for departure.  Unbeknownst to us, our grandkids, Kaya and Izzy, had been spending a few days with their other grandparents in Egg Harbor.  We made arrangements to take them back home with us so their parents and grandparents didn’t have to make the drive.
We were going that way anyhow.  It worked out great for everyone!  After emptying out the holding tank, we left the campground around 10:00 for the trip to Egg Harbor.  We met the kids in the church parking lot in town for the exchange.
We were back on the road again by 10:30.  We had a drive of 197 miles today.  Izzy and I shared the backseat with Auggie.  
Kaya sat in the front seat with grandpa playing his video games.  
We ate our brown bag lunches on the road around noon.  For the rest of the ride, Izzy, Grandpa, and I played car games–Old McDonald, I Spy, and the ABC game.  We arrived at Anne’s house in Brookfield at 2:00.  My brother, Randy, was there waiting for us so he could see us set up our trailer.  He had just purchased one himself and wanted to watch the setting up process.  We set up the trailer in Anne’s driveway and hooked up to electricity and water at her house.
After setting up, we all hung out for awhile in the trailer catching up.  Randy went to pick up his girlfriend, Jen, who he had dropped off at the store.  Izzy took me inside to see her “new” bedroom.  Anne had painted her walls with a mural.
Izzy’s wall mural

Izzy’s bedroom
Izzy also wanted me to meet Taco Cat who was somewhat elusive, but Izzy found him sleeping in Kaya’s room.  When she brought him in to meet me, he jumped right into his hiding place.
Then Izzy showed me Anne’s new painting on the kitchen wall and her class yearbook from kindergarten this year.
Randy and Jen left around 4:00 to see if my dad wanted to join us for a fish fry.  Bob and I went to meet them at the Bosch Tavern at 5:30.  Bob and I got there a little early, so we put in our name for a table and had a drink at the bar.

My sister and her husband arrived shortly thereafter and we were called for a table.  Randy and Jen showed up a few minutes later.  Dad didn’t join us.  He didn’t feel up to it tonight.  We enjoyed a typical Milwaukee fish fry–cod, french fries, and cole slaw.
Dinner was good and we stayed awhile longer to talk about the plans for tomorrow and Dad’s birthday party on Sunday.  Bob and I headed back to the trailer at Anne’s house.  The others went back to my sister’s house where they were staying.  Auggie needed to eat dinner and have his evening walk.  Bob and I were both tired from the drive today, so we turned in early.  The weather today was perfect with sunshine and 80 degree temps.  We’re lovin’ it!  


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