August 1, 2021 Bailey’s Harbor to Milton, WI

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already August. The skies were partly cloudy and the chilly wind was blowing strong at 10 mph this morning. It never rained last night, but it got down to 62. The wind out of the north would be behind us today, so our gas mileage should be better. We got packed up and pulled out just before 10:00. We came down the east side of the peninsula on Highway 57. Traffic was heavy going south as the weekenders went home. Unfortunately, we had to travel on the road today with them. The wind seemed to play havoc with us at times which made driving a little touchy, but Bob did an excellent job. We crossed the Sturgeon Bay canal around 10:30. It was a much clearer view today down the channel compared to the last time we came by this way.

Once we got south of Sturgeon Bay, traffic thinned out quite a bit. We passed the Green Bay Correctional Facility (prison) before crossing over the Fox River.

We saw people fishing on Lake Butte des Morts.

Traffic was pretty good going through Oshkosh considering the EAA AirVenture was still going on for one more day. There were still tons of campers and planes on the grounds.

We got fuel at the I-41 and Highway 26 truck stop which had cheap fuel considering the prices for diesel we’ve seen in other places. Bob figured out our mileage and we got 10.6 miles per gallon. That is very good! Traffic got crazy busy around Madison.

There were so many RVs on the road today going in both directions. We saw so many travel trailers and 5th wheels, but not many motorhomes. The roads today were horrible, not with traffic, but with lots of potholes and cracks. Add in the construction in places and it was a rough road. Yikes! We crossed the Rock River on our way to the campground. It was very busy on the river today with boats everywhere.

We exited the Interstate near Milton to find our campground for tonight. We arrived at our destination–the Milton KOA Family Campground, at 2:30.

It is a large campground with 232 sites. We were assigned site #195, a pull-though site, for the next 2 nights. Many of the sites are pull-through sites that are large and easy to access.

The campground was very empty when we arrived, but it is Sunday when most weekend campers clear out. This is looking down the hill from our site.

As we sat outside enjoying the afternoon, more and more campers arrived. We sat outside with Auggie under the blue skies in 75 degree temps with a nice breeze blowing. It was very pleasant and good to be off the road.

Bob grilled a steak for dinner. An ambulance arrived around dinnertime for someone’s emergency, but left without the siren. That’s a good sign. We took our walk as usual and there were many campers from out-of-state. It’s supposed to get down to 57 tonight, so we might need to sleep with the windows closed and run the heat! We made plans to meet up with Bob’s sister, Mary, and John at Anchor Inn in Newville tomorrow for dinner. Mary noticed that we are only 36 minutes apart from each other right now on our separate trips. She’s in Madison and we’re here in Milton for another night. Sounds like a great plan!

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