August 1, 2018 LBL, KY to Mahomet, IL

Last night the temperature dropped to 66 degrees, so we turned off the AC and opened the windows.  The stars were out and so was Mars with its red glow.  It was a very pleasant evening. The morning brought cloudiness and foggy conditions.  When you’re used to seeing sunshine every day, it’s a little disappointing.  We readied ourselves and the camper and pulled out of the campground at 9:20–the same as yesterday.  Traffic was light through Paducah.  It wasn’t long before we crossed the Ohio River which forms the border between Kentucky and Illinois.  
Ohio River
The river level looked low, but we saw barges working on the river.
The sun finally burned off the fog and we had partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 74.  It was very refreshing!  We’re about halfway through listening to our book on tape and are enjoying the murder mystery very much.  Tonight we are spending the night in Mahomet, IL at the Tin Cup RV Park.
We arrived at 2:15 after an uneventful day of 268 miles.  Bob checked the location of the satellites with his phone so he could connect the Tailgater receiver for TV.
The campground has lots of wide open space for Auggie to run.  Our campsite was very close to another camper on one side, but no one was in the campsite on the other side. At least we’re here only one night.
Site 5
Once we got set up in site #5, I took Auggie for a run in the grassy area where we found lots of shade and a picnic table to relax at and have a cocktail before dinner.
Auggie enjoyed his time on the grass.   He loves to run free when the space allows it.
While we sat there enjoying the afternoon, there was a nice breeze blowing and the temperature was a comfortable 82.  I cooked an indoor meal of spaghetti and meatballs tonight for a change. We waited until the sun started to set before taking Auggie for his evening walk.  We’re loving the cooler temps and less humidity. Tomorrow we finally make it to Wisconsin!  

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