April 28, 2022 Port Aransas, TX Day 2

Happy birthday to me! We slept in with no place to go until later. Bob sang me happy birthday in his “lovely singing voice”, but it was done with love. He made me a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, and juice. I also had the special homemade jam made from blueberries from Maine that I got from a friend. It was delicious!

Bob surprised me with a sterling silver chain for my locket, my “cammo” top, and a jar of chocolate covered macadamia nut clusters that I love!

I got some birthday texts and phone calls from friends and family. Our friends, the Kruegers, called and sang “happy birthday” in harmony to me. What a special treat! It was a great way to start the day. When we arrived at this campground yesterday, Bob picked up the package that he had sent here and wanted to get the part installed in the Jeep today. He worked on it this morning and discovered that he’d have to take some things apart, so it will have to wait for another day. The temperature was rising quickly, but there was a nice breeze coming from the Gulf. We noticed that there was another Fleetwood Discovery two sites over in our campground AND it was the same color. It’s a different layout inside than ours, but we’ve never seen another one with the exact same color scheme.

This is the other bus like ours. It is a bunkhouse.
This is both of them. We are in the foreground. The other is two sites over.

I hung out with Auggie outside in the shade for awhile. Bob and I took a walk on the beach after lunch. The water was warm, but the sand was different than back in Florida. It wasn’t the sugar-sand like we have at home on our beaches.

There were more people enjoying the beach today, but it was still a windy day. Some people even camp on the beach.

About 3:00, we got ready to go into Port Aransas to look around and have dinner. It is about a 20 minute ride to town. We checked out the restaurants we had googled online and decided which one we wanted to eat at. We drove down to the boat launch and waterfront and parked there awhile to watch the boat traffic. We could see the ferry boats traveling back and forth across the bay.

This tug was seen pushing the barge out to the oil rig to offload the oil from there.

There were jet skiers, fishing boats returning from a day fishing, and power boats just out to enjoy the day. This part of the bay is more protected from the wind, so it would make for a better boating area. We drove around town a little and looked at the boats in the marinas. There were a lot of sport-fishing boats in the marina because this is a big fishing area.

Around 4:30, we decided it was time to eat dinner, so we headed over to Virginia’s on the Bay.

We got a table that faced out on the water. From our table, we could see the Aransas Pass Lydia Ann Lighthouse across the bay.

We ordered a birthday cocktail and dinner.

I had a crabcake with rice and steamed veggies. It was delicious.

Bob ordered calamari and clam chowder. The calamari came in logs instead of rings. We had never seen it presented this way before. We also brought home a slice of key lime pie for later. I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

After dinner, we drove back to the campground and fed Auggie. I gave him his walk around the campground, but it was all against the wind. That was a good workout for the both of us.

Tomorrow, we leave Port Aransas for South Padre Island. We will have to fight the wind again. It’s predicted to be even stronger and it will be a headwind this time. Hopefully, it won’t hurt our gas mileage too much.

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  1. Enjoying being an armchair traveler. Looks like such an interesting area to explore. Cool that you camped near your RV cousin. Nice job on the May Breezes.

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