April 23, 2022 Baton Rouge, LA Day 3

Today is our last day in Baton Rouge so we wanted to make the most of it. Yesterday, Bob ordered a battery charger to be used for towed vehicles which will be delivered to our campground in Port Arkansas, TX on Wednesday when we are there. That will hopefully take care of our dead battery issue once and for all. We wanted to do some prep for our departure tomorrow before we left the campground this morning. At 11:00, we left the campground for lunch. Bob had a goal to eat creole before leaving Baton Rouge, so we googled the best places to eat creole and found Rice and Roux nearby.

We wanted to avoid downtown Baton Rouge today because they were having their Bluesfest near the state capitol. It would be crazy downtown. Bob had a bowl of jambalaya and a bowl of seafood gumbo. I had a bowl of seafood gumbo and a slice of cornbread. It was very good and a little too spicy for me, but Bob was in heaven. We got some “to go” containers and brought our leftovers back with us.

After lunch, we made a stop at Outdoor World and Bass Pro Shops just to look around. It’s such a cool store! This particular store was HUGE with two floors. They made parts of the inside look like a cypress swamp complete with hanging Spanish moss. (The lighting made the moss look white.)

We wandered around each of the different areas in the store, but I’m always interested in the stuffed animals they have on display. They are all real taxidermy mounts. This picture below doesn’t do justice to all the deer displayed there. (I was having some trouble with my camera today, so my pictures are not of the best quality. Please bear with me. Luckily, Bob is able to fix my camera for me. My hero!)

In the center of the store they had a huge fish tank with all kinds of fish swimming around. The ones that caught our eyes were a HUGE Gar and this catfish.

You can’t really appreciate its size until you compare it to Bob’s head in the picture below. He was standing right in front of the glass.

There was also a real pond with live ducks, fish, and this huge snapping turtle. It was about 4 feet long.

He was really quite amazing and prehistoric looking. This was his head up close.

We made a few purchases. The prices are amazingly reasonable if you look for the bargains. We each got a rain jacket and Bob bought me the camouflage top that I wanted for my birthday. It’s all the rage! We spent an hour looking around in the store and left to make one more stop at the Ace Hardware store. We got back to the campground around 2:00. We sat outside with Auggie and enjoyed the cool breeze and 83 degree temp. We heard thunder as a dark cloud passed by, but nothing came of it. Campers arrived throughout the afternoon, after many had left this morning and moved on to other places. I had leftovers for dinner. Bob’s stomach was still full from lunch. Bob did a minor repair adjustment on the passenger seat in the bus and emptied the holding tank to make for a faster departure tomorrow morning. Tomorrow’s destination is Galveston, Texas.

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