April 18, 2022 Lamont to Pensacola, FL

We got light rain after dinner yesterday for most of the evening. Luckily, Auggie got his walk in before the rains came. When we woke up this morning, the sun was out and we prepared to leave. We were the 2nd RV to leave around 9:00 AM. Our destination today is Pensacola, a 244 mile drive for another overnight stay. We have stayed here before and will stop again on our return trip. I-10 traffic was very light on this Monday morning. We crossed into the Central Time Zone about 40 miles to the west of Tallahassee. The time zone line follows the Appalachicola River.

We were a little ahead of schedule with the time change for our check-in at 1:00, so we made a stop at a Rest Area to eat our lunch and kill some time. We crossed the bridge over Escambia Bay before entering the city limits of Pensacola.

We arrived at Pensacola RV Park at 12:30 and were taken to site #42. They were very accommodating with our early arrival.

It was a pull-thru site, but we had to disconnect for 2 reasons: 1. The Jeep battery was dead. 2. We needed to make a run to Walmart. I thought I had bought some of Auggie’s favorite treats–3 Flavor Kabobs, to bring along, but I never did. I’ll have hell to pay if he doesn’t get his treat after our walk tonight. My bad! He ate his last one yesterday. The manager of the park sent over his maintenance man with a portable battery charger that Bob immediately hooked up to the Jeep. We’ll have to wait awhile for it to charge the battery because it was completely dead.

In the meantime, we did our usual “set up routine”. First, I open up the compartments we need for chairs, grill, etc. and get Auggie tethered outside. Then Bob works on leveling the bus, putting down the jacks to stabilize the bus, and putting out the 4 slides while I hook us up to water and electricity. The door mat goes out and then we begin the set-up inside. Everything gets stored away while we are underway, so those items need to re-emerge for use. Bob has certain things he does and I have mine. We have gotten so efficient at it that it takes us about 15 minutes to set up. Once that is done, we can relax. I sat outside with Auggie while Bob worked on the Jeep.

It was a very pleasant, partly sunny, 74 degree day with a cool breeze. Perfect! The campground was quiet and not full. A few campers arrived after us, but there were still empty spots. We were saying how nice it was to travel at this time of year when the kids are still in school. I worked on this blog while I saw other ladies doing their laundry. I was in my “happy place”. After an hour, Bob tried starting the Jeep and it started. Yeah! Off to Walmart. We were back in 20 minutes to enjoy a cocktail or two before dinner and watch more campers arrive. After dinner, we took our walk around the campground. There was a chill in the air as the sun went down. Tomorrow we’re off to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and the Hollywood Casino RV Park.

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