April 17, 2022 Palmetto to Lamont, FL

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After all the preparations for our trip have been done over the past few weeks, we are ready to leave Palmetto and head for the wide open spaces. We hooked the Jeep to the bus and pulled out of the parking lot at 8:38 AM today with 288 miles to go.

Mary and John and the Woolsons were there to wish us a “safe trip” and we were on our way. Our destination is Lamont, FL and the Stone’s Throw RV Park for an overnight stop. Auggie travels very well in the motorhome, resting in his bed on the sofa, belted in with his safety strap. Once we get to our destination, he is anxious to get out and check out the new smells. Traffic was light leaving town on this Easter Sunday. It was a sunny day with an expected high of 87. These purple flowers lining I-75 for miles and miles were a beautiful reminder that spring is here and today is Easter.

Traffic increased around the larger metropolitan areas, but tapered off again once we got by them. As we traveled north, gas prices hovered around $3.99-$4.06. Diesel was $4.90-$5.00. A SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT on the windshield reminded us that it’s Love Bug season. At least, it wasn’t a larger hatch. . . yet! We made a pit stop around noon to stretch our legs and give Auggie a chance to stretch his, but we ate our sandwiches on the road. Bob has the hardest job of driving the bus and trying to stay alert. I have the easy job of navigating… or reading the paper.

We picked up I-10 at Lake City and headed west toward Tallahassee. After 5 hours, we arrived at the Stone’s Throw RV Park around 2:00.

We had our confirmation letter from the campground for #18, a pull-thru site, that we were assigned. We didn’t need to disconnect from the Jeep. There were only 5 other RVs in the campground besides us. We set up camp for an overnight stay and relaxed after our drive.

Another motorhome pulled in next to us, but that was it for the night. For Easter dinner, we had ham and scalloped potatoes–our traditional Easter dinner with a few modifications. Auggie got his evening walk around the campground after dinner. (This is my first day of posting on the blog. Every year, it takes a little bit of time for us to remember how to post on the blog. It’s like starting all over every trip, so bear with me.)

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  1. You snuck out a bit earlier than planned or you’d have had two more seeing you off. Sorry we missed it but happy we got to spend some time with you guys last night. Enjoy your trip! Be safe!!

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