2017-10-29 Manatee Springs, Day 2

We slept in this morning! What a treat! Bob made Sunday breakfast and we all took a walk down to the springs.

It was cooler, in the 60’s, but sunny. There were no manatees in the springs even though the spring water temperature is a constant 75 degrees. The Ranger said she expected them to arrive any time now that the weather is getting cooler at night. After we returned from our walk, we started on our plan to clean the trailer from top to bottom. We had to wipe down every surface to get rid of all the dust that we had accumulated during our 60 day trip out West. Bob started on one end of the trailer while I started at the other end and we met in the middle. We did a deep clean so that the next time we use our camper, it will be ready to go. We also off-loaded everything from the trailer to the truck that we could, to make the unloading process at home go faster. While we worked, we listened to the Buccaneers vs Panthers football game on the radio. We also noticed that the lady in the campsite next door was putting out corn. No wonder the deer came around yesterday. Sure enough! Within a couple of minutes the same 4 deer appeared looking for the corn. (This is illegal by the way.) After they had scoured the ground for corn and found most of it, they moved on.

A few hours later, they came back looking for more. This time she fed them bananas. I have to admit I enjoyed watching them through the windows of the camper, sometimes as close as 2 feet away, but they shouldn’t get used to being fed by humans. I will have to report it to the ranger on our way out of the park tomorrow. Still, I really liked watching them. After the game, Auggie and I found a spot in the sun to sit outside, while Bob washed the floor in the camper. When he was done, the three of us took a walk around the campground loop. It was getting colder as the sun started to set. We got back to the camper and cooked dinner. Then we watched what little TV we could get from the local stations–which was 3 channels. Auggie got his evening walk, and we relaxed in front of the fireplace.

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